Our Brewery

What happens when you blend an artist, a hotelier and an ecopreneur, throw them together, add a pony-tailed brewer and some hops, age and wait for the outcome?

Well, chaos initially. But that was probably to be expected! Over time, some semblance of order has emerged. What we now have is a building, designed as a work of art, managed with the efficiency and attention to detail of a highly experienced host, green to the core and dedicated solely to the production of great-tasting, hand-crafted beer.

But don’t take our word for it. Come on in and try us out!

We brew on a 1,000 Litre system, built brand new to our specifications in South Africa. For each brew we use a combination of pure Zambezi River water (naturally filtered through layers of volcanic rock and ancient sandstone), malted barley from Germany and hops from the Pacific North-West region of the US. The result, we think you’ll agree, is hop-heaven in a glass.